MPI Print & Packaging began adding coatings and foils when we began operation in 1998 but it wasn’t until 2019 when we purchased the Scodix digital enhancement press that we took it to a whole new level. Now we offer it as an up sell to all of our print projects


MPI PRINT is fanatical about fast response time and customer service. That's why we maintain one of the largest groups of estimators and customer service representatives of any trade printer – 8 staff members at the present time and more to be added in the near future. Simple quotes are responded to either on the phone or within 30 minutes. Specialized or complicated quotes have a turnaround time of less than 4 hours. In the event of a very large and complex quote that involves input from paper mills, they are responded to with 24 hours. On our website the spot UV and foil areas on a card are limited to about 1.5 square. For projects with large areas of polymer and foils you will need to send a quote to us and provide the artwork so we can see how much material will be required and price it accordingly.


Our prepress team can create Scodix layers for your artwork using Illustrator or photoshop filters as an extra charge to customers. Or our customers can create and provide these layers themselves. The files should be provided as a second file to the artwork and should be coloured as a spot colour.  For clients who have a strong background in print or graphics you can see a wide variety of effects tutorials on YouTube to create the perfect printed products for your clients 

While we apply our knowledge and expertise at every stage of the production operation to ensure that every project is printed to its highest potential, we take special care with the prepress function as it can have dramatic consequences if not handled with the eye of an experienced technician.


Our Scodix digital enhancement press is designed to bring life to your printed products. We use layers of gloss, matte and soft touch coatings and laminations on printed sheets to set the tone for digital enhancement effects. We offer a wide range of varied enhancement techniques including flat and raised spot UV coating using a digital polymer with 100% accuracy. We can also use a range of different coloured foils to add to the print both flat and raised. The accuracy of the press is so precise it allows us to also create braille and cast and cure holographic. 

Each employee is trained to keep a watchful eye at each step of our production process. Employees are empowered to act quickly in the event of a potential problem in maintaining our high quality standards. The combination of highly advanced production techniques, along with the care and diligence of our highly trained technicians, enables us to ensure exceptional high quality print production each and every time. And as always, if anything should not go as planned, we will take the initiative to make it right for our customers.


Our in-house bindery has an extensive array of state-of-the-art folders, stitchers, cutters, die cutters and sealers. We believe in acquiring the latest technology and equipment as often as possible in order to offer clients the best possible binding and folding options. Our customer service representatives are well versed in what is possible with our binding equipment. We can recommend to clients highly creative folding and binding techniques that are cost effective as well. Simply call us to discuss the options.

When we Scodix a job we want to make sure the bindery process does not crack or ruin the effects done to the sheet. All of our Scodix sheets are given a slip sheet over the top during finishing process to ensure damage is not done to the process.


Our shipping department works closely with production and sales departments to make sure that each and every shipment goes to the desired location. This is especially important on print product runs that involve multiple retail store locations. Each of our shipping technicians is trained to maintain our high levels of quality control and customer satisfaction in the shipping process, just as the rest of our production process.



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